70 years ago today, on September 2, 1945, the Japanese formally signed their official surrender, bringing the hostilities of World War Two to a close.

Honored veteran Dick Tracy served from 1940-1945 in the US Marine Corps and saw combat on Guadalcanal, New Zealand, New Britain and Peleliu.  During his time in the PTO, he was also stationed in Australia.  Here is a guide book he had with him during his time there.  This is pretty amazing.


Honored veteran B-17 waist gunner, Frank Buschmeier shared this photo of an Irish girl (pictured center under "me") and told us this was an Irish "lass" he corresponded with and dated while he was over seas in England.

Yesterday we were blessed to spend time with World War Two B-17 Pilot, Herb Heilbrun.  Herb flew 35 combat missions out of Italy over some of the most dangerous skies in Europe.  Check out his profile on our Stories page to hear more about one of his most spine tingling experiences during WWII.

Herb was also a fan of body building and boxing back in his prime and below you'll see a photo of Herb fresh out of bomber training and in top physical shape in 1944.  He loved showing off by hoisting guys from his crew over his head.

And at the young age of 94, Herb still loves to show off his love of staying fit.  Here he is yesterday at his home in Cincinnati, Ohio boxing with gloves and all.

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